Valeport Contact Details

Valeport Ltd
St Peter's Quay
United Kingdom

The company is registered in England and Wales at the above address.

Company Number: 1950444
VAT No.: GB 165 8753 67

Tel: 44 (0) 1803 869292


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Sales Team - Key Contacts

Kevin Edwards
Sales and Marketing Manager

Darren Padley
Technical Sales Manager


Jim Gardiner
Product Manager

Nick Smedley
Business Development Manager

Contracts, Progress and Shipping

Tammy Elliott
Sales & Logistics Manager


Iain Woodfield
Logistics Administrator

Service and Calibration

Siobhan Edwards
Service Administrator


Technical Support

Peter Adams
Customer Service Manager

Other Departments

Managing Director

Matthew Quartley



Jay Nicholson
Engineering Manager



Jeremy Law
Operation Manager

Financing & Purchasing

Phill Harvey
Finance Director

Terry Cole
Purchasing / Accounts Manager

Jean Tomkinson
Senior Finance Administrator

Sharon Pinnell
Purchasing Assistant

Alice Wiseman
Accounts & Purchasing Assistant


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