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The new SWiFT CTD from Valeport


Technology You Can Trust

Established in 1969, Valeport designs and manufactures instrumentation for the oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric communities, with a worldwide customer base.
Our underwater sensors and profilers are used for environmental monitoring, water survey, defence, oil & gas, dredging, civil engineering and scientific research.

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uvSVX - Sound Velocity, Temperature and Pressure with calculated Salinity & Density for an Underwater Vehicle



The smart miniIPS2 underwater pressure sensor with accuracy to 0.01%, offers a cost-effective solution to vehicle pilots who require highly accurate depth information in real-time.


Minimum fuss and maximum confidence

All of our instruments have undergone rigorous environmental batch testing and come with a 3 year limited warranty, extendable perpetually with regular servicing.


Valeport Insider

How Valeport has adapted to coronavirus to continue supporting our customers

Overnight the world changed.

Schools closed, events were cancelled and staying safe meant keeping our distance. Coronavirus has meant different challenges for different organisations. For Valeport, the goal has been to keep its people safe, while continuing to support its customers.