Oceanographic Applications from Valeport

Oceanographic Applications

For survey operations up to 6000m depth (and deeper by special request), Valeport offer instruments to measure and record the classic physical parameters of Temperature, Depth, Salinity, Density, Currents and Waves. Along with the most accurate Sound Velocity sensors in the world; the ability to interface other parameters / sensors such as pH, Dissolved Oxygen Turbidity, Fluorometer, Transmissometer and PAR; Housings and deployment frames to suit in-line moorings, profiling and seabed deployments, Valeport can cater for all your oceanographic survey requirements.

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SWiFTplus Fluorometer
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SWiFTplus Fluorometer

Now rated to 500m as standard with 0.01% FS accuracy

Valeport's SWiFTplus Multi-Parameter Profiler can be supplied with either a Chlorophyll a, Fluorescein, Rhodamine or Phycocyanin sensor to combine survey-grade CTD, Sound Speed, Salinity, Density technology with Fluorometer observations.

The package is completed with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery and an integral GPS module to geo-locate each profile.


Download Datasheet:-

SWiFTplus Chlororphyll a data sheet

SWiFTplus Fluorescein data sheet

SWiFTplus Phycocyanin data sheet

SWiFTplus Rhodamine data sheet


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