Ports Harbours and Dredging Applications

Ports, Harbours and Dredging Applications

Fixed tidal measurement, port surveys, diving operations or spill monitoring during dredging operations require a variety of equipment to produce Hydrographic and Environmental data.  Valeport offer Tide Gauges, Wave Recorders, Current Meters and CTD packages to meet these requirements.

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Model 001 & 002 Open Channel Flow Meters
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Model 001 & 002 Open Channel Flow Meters

The Valeport ‘Braystoke’ Model 001 and Model 002 flow meters provide a cost effective and reliable method of monitoring flow in a variety of environments, including salt, fresh and effluent water, from shallow streams to tidal waterways.

The meters benefit from the design of the impeller bearings, which give low threshold velocity and consistent performance.

Their ease of operation make the 001 and 002 ideal for field study use and an invaluable tool for hydrometric work.

Available as either a wading or suspension set, all systems are supplied with the Model 0012B real time control display unit. 


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