DatalogX2 Terminal Emulation Software from Valeport

DataLog X2

DataLog X2 will head up Valeport’s software platform for legacy, current and future products. Immediate benefits are for those using the original DataLog and TideLog softwares which struggle with new Windows and 64 bit operation. DataLog X2 and Terminal X2 have been tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 respectively. Products covered include:

  • Hyperion Turbidity
  • Model 106, 108, 308 and Midas ECM current meters
  • miniSVS, IPS, TIDE, CTD and SVP
  • Monitor CTD and SVP
  • Monitor CTD & SVP
  • Midas CTD, SVP, SVX2 & WLR
  • Model 740 Tide Gauge
  • UV-SVP

Bonus Utilities:

Terminal X2 will work with any Valeport Instrument that communicates via serial RS232, although functionality may be limited with some older instruments. This Terminal Emulation utility will be a must for anyone not able to use other Terminal packages such as Hyperterminal etc.

A Seawater Calculation utility is also included for manual checking of data. Simply input Conductivity/Salinity, Pressure Temperature (in IPT68 or IPT 90 scales) and Latitude (if known), then click on the Calculate button. The program will calculate and display the following parameters:

  • Density Anomaly Gamma (Calculated Density – 1000kg/m³)
  • Conductivity or Salinity (whichever the user did not enter)
  • Sound Speed calculated using the chosen Speed of Sound Formula
  • Depth in metres calculated using the UNESCO standard formula. This is an approximation, and will not account for variations in density distribution throughout the water column. Its accuracy has been estimated to better than 0.1m.

Download DataLog X2 Software: Download Datalog X2 Software

Download DataLog X2 Manual:    Download Datalog X2 Manual

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