Wave Recorders

Wave Recorders

Wave Recorders from Valeport are a "PUV" type that use Linear Wave Theory to analyse the pressure and current oscillations generated by the wave action.  In near shore environments (<20m depth) it is not always possible to use a surface following buoy to measure wave activity. In these circumstances the most cost effective solution is a bottom mounted, pressure based device.  What makes Valeport's wave recording instruments different is that this data processing is all carried out on board, giving you:-

  • descriptive statistics,
  • energy spectra, and
  • high resolution directional spectra all in real time.

Of course, all the raw data is logged as well, so you can use your own post-processing routines if you prefer.


Additional Resources:-

Customer Case Studies: Real Time Wind and Wave Monitoring for Itabo Coal Terminal

Whether you are new to the field of wave measurement or an experienced user, the Valeport range offers you the perfect mix of simplicity and versatility to ensure that you get exactly the data you need, every time.

Contact our Sales team to discuss your wave recorder requirements, and decide on the right instrument for the job.

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