BathyLog is a Windows program for use with theValeport MIDAS BathyPack, Modus IPS & miniIPS Depth Sensorsonly. It allows direct communications between the instruments and a PC running any version of Windows. Although the program was originally written in a Windows 98 environment, it has been modified and tested on all subsequent Windows operating systems up to and including Vista.  

The program is designed to accept data from multiple sources, typically a single MIDAS BathyPack combined with multiple Modus IPS units. Data transmission may be achieved either through direct cable communications, or through a suitable Mux/DeMux system, as long as it is presented to the PC on a correctly installed communications port.

There are various reasons for us to issue upgraded versions of software, which commonly include:

  • Improved Functionality (e.g. additional display features)
  • External Influences (e.g. Y2K, new Windows Operating System)
  • Fixes for Internal Bugs & Errors

As far as possible, any new version of the software will be backwards compatible, i.e. it will work with an instrument manufactured before the software was written. You should therefore have no problems with upgrading your software to the latest version, regardless of the age of your instrument; note that it is our policy to not publish specific details of the contents of each upgrade, although this information may be made available to you on request.

Finally, some important points to note about the download:

  • The file you are downloading is the complete software installation wizard. Since this is a *.exe file, you should check that you are not violating any of your company regulations by downloading an executable file. You have our assurance that the executable file was created on a virus-free system.
  • The installation of the software requires certain files to be placed in your Windows\System directory. If you are running Windows 2000, XP or Vista, you should ensure that you have full administrator rights, or the Windows Operating System will not allow files to be placed in this location.
  • When you click the link below, you will be asked where you wish to save the zip file. Once the file has downloaded, extract the executable and run the installation executable to install the software.

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