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Save Our Seagrass with Valeport

For the next two years, starting January 2020, Valeport is contributing its equipment and expertise to the ‘Save our Seagrass’ conservation project in Devon, UK, in nearby Tor Bay.

The project will raise awareness of the marine environment and the importance of seagrass in protecting our coasts from pollution, climate change and overfishing.

It will track the extent and health of seagrass in Tor Bay and the species dependent upon the habitat.

The project uses a trained team of volunteer ‘citizen science’ divers to track the seagrass and monitor the associated dependent species in Torbay.

Living Coasts is using this research to begin trialling seagrass cultivation with the aim of helping to replenish the threatened species and contributing to increased marine biodiversity.

Our collaboration includes the Valeport team and family members supporting a Beach Clean in Torbay organised by Living Coasts.