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Charlotte Law

Charlotte Law

A day in the life of Valeport

What makes a day in the life of Valeport so interesting?

As the sun rises on the beautiful town of Totnes, our site is opened up and the staff begin to arrive, prepared for the busy day ahead. Once the working day begins, it’s all hands-on deck.

The Sales team gets underway handling customer enquiries and processing orders from East to West. When an order is confirmed, they liaise with the production team.

Production will check the parts needed and place the order in Valeport’s extensive Stores facility, they then collect the parts required to build the instruments. If the parts aren’t available, our on-site Machine shop manufactures them with our high-tech equipment.

Once all the parts have been collated, they will then be taken to assembly, where the product will be built, calibrated, tested and put into a transit case, ready for it to be shipped to the customer complete with a 3-year product warranty.

With the centre of town being only a short walk away and our site being situated on the River Dart, Valeport staff can enjoy a lunchtime break outside if they choose. Having access to these pretty outside areas many staff feel has a positive impact on their wellbeing.

After some peaceful walks and plenty of options for lunch, the work continues!

With products ready to be shipped, our Logistics Department creates the documentation for finished goods to be shipped safely internationally. Products are packaged securely, and we liaise with many different couriers to give the best shipment options possible.

After goods have been received by the customer, Valeport Service are on hand to answer any questions from first-time instrument set-up to helping with instrument return for Servicing and Calibration. When an item is received back from the customer, the Service Department assesses the instrument, undertakes the work required and returns it to the customer, along with our unique 12-month warranty – which is issued to all instruments serviced by the Service Department.

Representatives from all departments including Sales & Marketing, Production and R&D hold regular meetings to discuss new products to provide solutions and instrument improvements for customers. Once a product is approved for development it goes through a rigorous Research and Design process incorporating mechanical design, prototyping and software development to ensure the instruments we produce are of the highest standard possible.

When a product is due for release, Marketing will design a launch campaign and create new artwork, photos, videos and content for Valeport’s website to promote the new product and the solutions it offers to existing and prospective customers.

Finally, after a busy day, our staff return home, ready to come back the next working day. Every day is different at Valeport, and we relish the challenges and opportunities we face as a company in order to provide the best possible service to our Customers.