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December 2016 Newsletter

Valeport News

Round up of the latest news from Valeport including an article on how Valeport assist Hypack training sessions, how sensors are applied to ROV/ASR vehicles and a case study on Rapid Sound Speed Profiling. 

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Well, it's that time of year again when the weeks disappear quickly as we roll towards 2017. This year has been challenging of course, and like many others we have looked at how we engage our market sectors.

We are pleased to say that 2016 has seen a good increase in sales/turnover with newly introduced products doing well. 2017 will see a continuation of our efforts to maintain Valeport's position as a respected and innovative equipment manufacturer.
Please find below a quick round up of our latest news:


We would also like to say a big 'Thank You' to all our customers for their business this year and offer Seasons Greetings & Best Wishes for 2017.



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Please contact us if you have any other suggestions that will be helpful to you.

Valeport Involved With Hypack Training In UK
Swathe Services of Truro, UK, recently conducted a Hypack Practical MBES Training Course out of Falmouth, UK. 

Jim Gardiner, Valeport's Product Manager was on hand to demonstrate the ease of use and benefits of using our SWiFT SVP  to get the accurate sound velocity data required.

Valeport Sensor attached to an ASV
SensorsSensors For Vehicles
Whether it is an ASV, AUV, ROV or indeed a sea mammal such as a seal or dolphin, all instrumented vehicle types need various sensors to meet and maintain design criteria or operational demands. The challenge for us as manufacturers is to match those demands with sensor designs and packages that meet varying specifications of size, weight, material, depth, power constraints and budgets without making each requirement a "one off" (as there are of course additional cost and time implications associated with a 'one off').

Valeport has so far met this challenge with varying designs and success with a mix of bespoke packaged sensor products, or simple OEM sensor options for customer integration.

Rapid Sound speed profiling in Plymouth Sound
In Part I of this article (published in Soundings No. 67, Spring 2016 (read full article - Part I) a dataset collected in Plymouth Sound showing a large variation in sound speed across the Barn Pool area was presented. In the discussion of this dataset, a number of questions were posed.

How often should I take a sound speed profile?

What is the effect of this variability on my data?

To attempt to answer these questions, a second study was planned and carried out in collaboration between Plymouth University, Fugro Academy and Valeport Ltd. The study also formed the basis of an MSc Hydrography dissertation (Gray, 2016).

The study's aims were:

(1) to map and quantify the spatio-temporal sound speed variability of the survey site, via high density sound speed profiles (collected using RapidCAST and Valeport's SWiFT SVP system);

(2) to then explain sound speed variability in terms of physical oceanographic properties;


(3) to investigate the potential effect of this variability on bathymetric data collection.

LegacyFactory closure during holiday period
Our factory will be closed during the week of 26-30 December and will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January.  

During this period, communications and general technical support requests will be monitored and answered as soon as possible.

exhibitionsSee us at.........

Up and coming 2017 shows where we are exhibiting include:
 * Hypack 2017, New Orleans 9-12 January 2017
 * Oceanology International , San Diego 14-16 February 2017
 * US Hydro 2017, Texas 17-23 March 2017

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