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February 2017 Newsletter



Valeport NewsAlready January is a distant memory and 2017 is well underway! A good start to the year with lots going on at Valeport and for the industry in general. Product developments are taking us in interesting directions and more on this will be announced during the coming months.

Please find below a quick round up of our latest news:





AUV with Valeport Sensor pack

AUVAUV Sensors for ecoSUB


Valeport's move towards design and supply of underwater vehicle sensors was showcased during a demonstration of ecoSUBm to a group from BP who have supported the development of this innovative vehicle.

ecoSUBm completed a range of missions, operating autonomously whilst collecting a range of data from a Valeport sensor pack which included temperature depth profiles, altitude data and data from its Hyperion Fluorometer.

The AUV's performance was very positive and received well by those involved. The ecoSUB range of AUVs are being developed by Planet Ocean and National Oceanography Centre and also include the ecoSUBµ which is a key part of an Innovate UK & DSTL funded programme to autonomously deploy and recover a fleet of AUVs from ASV Global's C-Worker unmanned surface vehicle.

To receive information about the AUVs, please visit www.ecoSUB.uk and subscribe for updates.






Valeport SWiFT SVP

https://imgssl.constantcontact.com/ui/images1/s.gifSWiFT Integration Stories


1. QPS Integrate SWiFT SVP Online

QINSy now supports connection to the Valeport SWiFT sound velocity logger directly via Bluetooth communications whilst online. This functionality is found both online and in replay, in the Connect to Logger programme through QINSy version 8.15.0.

Casts can be downloaded and converted to a QPS velocity profile. Recorded casts are used instantly in QINSy, and automatically come available in Qimera post-processing.

For further information, check out https://confluence.qps.nl/display/dwn/QINSy+8.15.0+Release+Notes

2. Foreshore Technology have added dedicated support for Valeport's SWiFT SVP

The Dredge Master Multibeam product makes use of the SWiFT's Bluetooth interface to automatically load sound velocity profiles from the device. The operator simply needs to bring the SWiFT SVP device within 5m of the computer and the data is automatically loaded and applied to the current survey project. This enables the operator to quickly take sound velocity probes during the survey and have them applied to the real time processing immediately without having to touch the computer. http://www.foreshoretechnology.com/news-dredgemaster-swiftsvp.php






Hydrographic Society Presentation

HydroValeport hosted The Hydrographic Society - look back


An educational evening back in December was supported by plenty to eat and drink as we hosted The Hydrographic Society UK (South West region) for their annual "Valeport evening".

Managing Director Matt Quartley presented the company views on Brexit and how it sits with us, to conclude that it is business as usual with better prices for foreign buyers due to foreign exchange rates! Jim Gardiner, Valeport's Product Manager enlightened all with a great factual story on tidal measurement that many may have missed.

On the 25/26th August 2016, a rare meteorological and tidal phenomena, a meteotsunami, was recorded along the south west coast of Devon and Cornwall. It is thought to be generated by an intense storm/squall conditions on the shelf edge west of Brittany earlier that day.

Meteo-Tsunami graph

Valeport tide gauges, including the TideMaster and VRS20 Radar sensor (https://valeport.port-log.net/live/map.php), installed at locations in Plymouth Sound and the Dart Estuary, recorded the meteotsunami. The largest impact was recorded in Plymouth Sound where just before high tide and slack water in otherwise calm conditions, a 1m drop in tide occurred in just under 10 mins, followed by a 1.2m rise in tide in 10 mins.

This continued for a period of ~20mins and a diminishing amplitude over the next two hours. The associated currents caused by these rapidly rising and falling water levels were reported to have overturned and sank twelve boats in the Hooe Lake area of Plymouth (Read full Plymouth Herald Article).

Valeport are actively engaging with researchers from Fugro Academy, PML and University of Plymouth to further investigate this phenomena and whether future events could be predicted.





exhibitionsSee us at.........

Up and coming 2017 shows where we are exhibiting include:


 * Underwater Defence & Security, Portsmouth, 6-8 March

 * US Hydro 2017, Galveston, Texas, 20-23 March

 * Flood & Coast, Telford, 28-30 March

 * Ocean Business 17, Southampton, 4-6 April










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