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July Newsletter

Valeport News

Round up of the latest news from Valeport including the launch of our new Tidestation and a case study on how Valeport's equipment helped locate a missing airliner.

Read on to find out more... 



Busy times here at Valeport as we move quickly through the summer months. With orders increasing and the recruitment of new staff for positions in our test, calibration and production departments is currently underway to ensure we maintain our delivery capability.
Life is very interesting in the UK at the moment with much to discuss and debate with respect to the UK leaving the EU and it seemed timely to start this newsletter with a brief comment from Valeport's MD, Matt Quartley, on BREXIT.
There is always an upside to change and the current exchange rates make Valeport equipment even more attractive, so get in early with your requirements before the GBP gets strong again!  

Please find below a quick round up of our latest news:

BREXITStatement from Matt Quartley
Wherever you are in the world, it surely won't have escaped your notice that the UK recently voted to leave the EU. Before the vote, we decided that our position as a business should be neutral; there were two main reasons for this.

Firstly, our staff are intelligent people, more than capable of making their own minds up based on the information available - it would be an abuse of our position as their employer to try to persuade them to vote one way or the other. 

Secondly, whatever the outcome had been, Valeport's strategy would have been the same. We have become what we are by focusing on developing high quality products and serving our worldwide customer base to the best of our ability. We don't see that membership of the EU has a significant bearing on our ability to do that, so we have absolute confidence that whichever way the vote had gone it would have been "business as usual" for Valeport.

It is early days yet, but on the basis that following the vote we had our best month since the oil price crash, we look to the future, as always, with excitement and optimism. As the trading landscape changes, we assure you that we will deal with challenges and embrace new opportunities, and of course, continue to do our very best for our valued customers.
Matt Quartley, Managing Director, Valeport.

Valeport Tidemaster deployed
Valeport now offer a range of packaged, self-contained tidal / met observations solutions under the product name TideStation.

With TideMaster at its heart, combinations of tide and met sensors along with I/P buffers, telemetry, battery and solar power options allow turnkey installation.

Data management and 
publishing is available with Port-Log.net from Oceanwise.

AirlinerMissing Airliner Found Using Valeport Equipment
The Underwater Detection of Crashed Airplane (Air Asia QZ8501) has been accomplished using a variety of Marine Survey Equipment including Valeport's MiniSVP Sound Velocity Profiler and CTD Monitor as part of the Indonesian National Agency for Search and Rescue recovery effort. 


X2DASH to download X2.
Valeport SVP users will be keen to download the latest version of DataLog X2 as it now features as standard a conversion of SVP data to provide Salinity and Density parameters using Valeport's proprietary DASH algorithm.

This embedded feature is also standard on the popular SWiFT SVP. 

Legacy Products
LegacyGone But Not Forgotten
Our website changes all the time and you may have noticed some old products favourites like the Monitor SVP / CTD and 108/308 current meters disappearing.  
This is because they are not being actively marketed now.

However, if you have a requirement whereby you still need or prefer the older model, please contact us as we can probably still make one for you from stock parts.

Alternatively, talk to us about which model is now suitable for your project.

SensorsRowing Home
Valeport is proud to be supporting an ambitious expedition called 'Rowing from Home to Home'. This is the brain child of Singaporean-based, Kiwi adventurer Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson, and is an attempt to travel all the way from Singapore (where Axe is based) back to his home country of New Zealand, by using solely his only human power - a journey of some 12,000km.
For more information or support, you can follow the team's progress through their facebook page or website at the links below:

exhibitionsSee us at.........

Up and coming shows where we are exhibiting include: 
 * Challenger Society Marine Science Conference, Liverpool (UK), 5-8 September
 * M&CCE Expo, London, 12-13 October
 * Hydro 2016 Rostock-Warnemund, Germany 8-10 November

 * OI China,Shanghai, China - 9-11 November
 * OSEA 2016, Marine Bay Sands, Singapore - 29 November-2 December

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