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Latest Update From Valeport - Summer Newsletter

Valeport NewsShorter Product Delivery Times, New Sound Velocity Profilers, Fluorometers & CTD Profilers, details of Competition Winners & a new Tidemaster Support Video all feature in Valeport's Summer Newsletter. 

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Valeport Oceanographic Instruments

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Hello and welcome to our summer newsletter.

The low oil prices are impacting everywhere and we are seeing a change in purchasing strategies from customers in the oil & gas related markets, whereby equipment is not being ordered until the last minute or when absolutely necessary. Valeport has reacted to this and invested in stock to ensure we meet these demands and aim to have finished products in stock, or ensure quick deliveries.

Check with any of the Valeport sales staff via sales@valeport.co.uk to see what is in stock, or what can be delivered quickly.


In This Issue:

New SWiFT SVP goes into production

New Hyperion Fluorometer order now for August

New miniCTD Fast Profiler goes into production

Teledyne Oceanscience automated SVP launched featuring RapidSV Profiler

New technical support videos

ISO audit success

Valeport In Action - Competition winners announced


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We hope you enjoy reading our latest news and please do get in touch if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions - we are always keen to hear from you or if you would like further information please visit our website.

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The Valeport Team


Email:  sales @ valeport.co.uk

New SWiFT SVP goes into production

The new SWiFT SVP was launched to much acclaim at Ocean Business, UK back in April.  Following further field testing and EMC checks, full production is expected in August.  The SWiFT SVP is aimed at the shallow water (100m) market where users can expect advanced technology at an affordable price.  This revolutionary profiler will give you Sound Velocity, Temperature, Depth, Salinity & Density measurements quickly and efficiently.  


Get the SWiFT SVP Datasheet for further details. 

View Product Details >>

Valeport SWIFT SVP


New Hyperion Fluorometer order now for August
The Hyperion Fluorometer range enters full production in July with advance orders having a priority. First units available will be for measuring Chlorophyll, Fluoresceine or Rhodamine, with other parameters being added. 
Get the Hyperion Fluorometer Datasheet for further details.

We are now accepting orders for shipment in August. 

Valeport Hyperion Fluorometer



New miniCTD Fast Profiler goes into production


The miniCTD Fast Profiler with optional integrated Fluorometer will not be far behind. Modifications have taken place to increase the internal battery to a D cell type which will allow greater life when a Fluorometer is fitted, along with intelligent profiling to switch the Fluorometer off when past pre-determined depths.  


Get the miniCTD Fast Profiler Datasheet for further details.

View Product Details >> 


Valeport MkII CTD



Valeport SV probe in RapidCAST package from Teledyne Oceanscience


A new automated sound velocity profiling system for moving vessels has been developed by Teledyne Oceanscience using Valeport's RapidSV Profiler and the results are proving to be a significant improvement on previous versions.


New Technical support videos

Our newest short films explains the battery change on the Tidemaster Tide Gauge and we've also uploaded an introduction to the DatalogX2 software.  

To see these short films and our series of technical support videos - Click Here



ISO Audit Successful

We ticked all the boxes in our recent ISO audit for ISO14001 plus ISO9001:2008, so it's all good for another year!  




Valeport in Action - Winners Announced

Great images and content made life difficult in judging the Valeport in Action competition.


The location information, work being conducted and stories behind the images and video were all very interesting. It was great to see such variety and unusual applications in some cases!

Read more here. 


Come and see us

The Valeport Team will be at the following exhibition and look forward to welcoming you to our stand: 


September 14-18:    Shallow Survey Conference, Plymouth, UK

October 19-22:         Oceans15, Washington DC, USA

November 3-5:         OI China, Shanghai, China

November 23-25:     Hydro 2015, Cape Town, South Africa

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