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Port and Harbour Master Operations Marine Technology

Ports, Harbours and Dredging Operations Technology

If you are attending the Global Marine Port Operations Harbour Masters Congress this month you may be interested in some of the Marine Technology that Valeport has to offer in this environment:

Port and Harbour Operations Marine Technology from ValeportIf you are responsible for Fixed Tidal Measurement, Port Surveys, Diving Operations or Spill Monitoring during Dredging Operations, you will require a variety of equipment to produce Hydrographic and Environmental data.  Valeport offer Tide Gauges, Wave Recorders, Current Meters and CTD packages to meet these requirements.

Port and Harbour Operations Technology

Midas DWR Directional Wave Recorder

The MIDAS DWR Directional Wave Recorder represents a significant advance in PUV wave recording technology. In addition to the standard non-directional data available from the MIDAS WTR, the MIDAS DWR also executes full on-board directional data analysis, providing real time directional information at an unsurpassed 2° resolution. The unique features of the MIDAS DWR make it the most cost-effective solution to directional wave monitoring requirements in all shallow water coastal, harbour and port operations applications.

Monitor CTD+

Utilising the same accurate, robust sensors and synchronised sampling techniques as the MIDAS range but packaged as a smaller, lightweight unit, th Monitor CTD+ is ideally suited to small boat or shallow water applications.

The addition of a an additional sensor makes the MONITOR CTD+ a cost effective, versatile tool for collecting profiles of CTD and one other additional parameter of either Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen or Chorophyll.

TideMaster Portable Tide Gauge

The TideMaster Portable Tide Gauge is a small, cost effective Water Level Recorder, specifically designed for marine environment applications where the user requires an accurate record of water height, but with the added option of meteorological data via a ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor.

Suitable for use in either fresh or salt water, the robust and durable TideMaster can be deployed for up to 1 year, dependant on the sampling rate, with instrument set up and data retrieval via an optional display panel or using the PC software supplied. Alternatively, the system can be supplied with radio modules for real time data transmission.

VRS-20 Radar Level Sensor

The VRS-20 works seamlessly with the TideMaster tide logger or can operate standalone with optional integrated GPRS telemetry or interface to a third party data logger.

Versatile and simple to install, the VRS-20 non-contact technology removes the installation, corrosion & fouling issues of submerged sensors, while simplifying datum control.   Accuracy and performance are unaffected by changes in water density and atmospheric conditions.

For more information regarding Marine Technology suitable for Port & Harbour Master Operations get in touch with Valeport or email sales@valeport.co.uk

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