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Tide Gauges are Key to Marine Measurements

Getting accurate information about tide movements has always been one of the fundamental requirements of Marine Measurements. Tide Gauges therefore are critical for a wide range of Marine and Oceanographic Applications - Port & Harbour Operations, Dredging, Surveying, instrumentation deployments, and many others.

Tide Gauge TideMaster from ValeportOn some occasions, tide gauge equipment is required that can be deployed for either shore based or offshore / seabed applications and in these instances require telemetry packages for secure data transfer. Care is needed when choosing the right Tide Gauge Manufacturer / Supplier.

Tide Gauges are used by a wide variety of organisations and institutions across the globe. Research Labs and Universities, Marine and Ocean Exploration, Gas and Oil Prospecting, Energy Suppliers and Defence organisations all have the need of Tidal Measurement and Tide Gauges are key to the delivery of the accurate data required.

Many devices come with Data Logging and Transmission options but it is important that you get the right technical advice before deciding which unit meets your requirements.

Look out for some key features that will make monitoring tidal flows accurate and less time consuming. These features include:-

  • The ability to provide real time information;
  • Timely logging of tidal data for historical purposes;
  • The transmission of data over a variety of telemetry links;
  • Advanced network capabilities;
  • Option of fixed displays or access through web or local intranet; and
  • The choice of seabed fixing or in-line mooring.

Whatever your chosen application, you will need a Tide Gauge that is reliable and performs well in a variety of Marine environments.

Valeport is one of the UK's Leading Manufacturers of Tide Gauges and has a Worldwide Distributor Network that ensures first class support. There are a number of units available, including:

TideMaster Portable Tide Gauge: A small, cost effective Water Level Recorder, specifically designed for applications where the user requires an accurate record of water height, but with the added option of meteorological data via a ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor. Suitable for use in fresh or salt water with a 1 year (dependant on the sampling rate) deployment period. Also available with real time data transmission.

VRS-20 Radar Level Sensor: A pulsed k-band radar level sensor designed to either work seamlessly with the TideMaster tide logger, operate standalone with optional integrated GPRS telemetry or interface to a third party data logger.

MIDAS WLR Water Level Recorder: Designed for long or short term deployments in offshore environments, or locations where a traditional shore based tide gauge is impractical, the MIDAS WLR may be moored in line or to the seabed. A deep water titanium housed option also available.

To make sure you get the right Tide Gauge for your application get in touch with Valeport and talk with one of their Technical Specialists or you can contact one of their many Worldwide Distributors.

Visit the Valeport Website.

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