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Valeport Are Attending OI 2018 London 13 - 15 March

Leading UK manufacturer of underwater measuring equipment, Valeport, will be unveiling an exciting collection of new product releases at this year's Oceanology International (OI) exhibition.
Come and meet the team at stand H301 at London Excel, March 13-15.
Read on to get a sneak preview of the new products Valeport will be showcasing to visitors at OI.
Valeport SWiFTplus
Making its debut at OI, this new unique probe will give you the useful data you need and quickly! 
The latest addition to the popular SWiFT family in
the form of the SWiFTplus turbidity is sure to be a favourite amongst surveyors. 
It combines turbidity observations with sound speed, temperature and pressure sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries.
Valeport Tidestation - Portable
TideStation (Portable)
A new portable survey solution for the monitoring of tide, met and other sensors will be unveiled by Valeport. 
Housed in a large rugged ABS case, the TideStation (Portable) offers a choice of either UHF or GPRS telemetry, with connection to Pressure or Radar sensors along with interface to other meteorological systems. 
Data is recorded locally and broadcast to base stations as required.

Valeport Rapid CTD Pro
F4NRapid upgrades to Pro Version
Valeport are working on significant changes to the design of both the rapidSV and rapidCTD profilers to enhance their specification, deployment and usability. A number of key revisions are being introduced to the probe series that allows data profiling whilst a vessel is underway.

Valeport will be showing rapidSV Pro and rapidCTD Pro - the latest
evolutions of these popular profilers - at OI prior to their release, which
  • a rechargeable battery to deliver extended deployment times; 
  • the inclusion of GPS to offer the benefits of geo-location of files; 
  • and dual Bluetooth to provide enhanced communications for easy data download and allowing a surveyor to conduct SV profiles on command. 

The rapidCTD allows oceanographic data to be profiled from a moving vessel without compromising the quality of the data. Delivering the highest quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates, when used with winch systems the lightweight and robust sensor gives surveyors the ability to eliminate survey downtime and minimize bathymetry data uncertainty associated with challenging sound velocity conditions. 

The Valeport rapidSV profiler is the world's most accurate sound velocity sensor with a virtually instantaneous response time, data acquisition rates of up to 32Hz housed in a low drag housing result in the highest quality profiles at drop rates over 5 m/s. 
The proposed changes common to both the rapidSV Pro and the rapidCTD Pro will include:
  • Significantly increased battery endurance by replacing the current C cell battery pack with a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
  • Addition of a GPS receiver to the logger package so that profiles are geo-referenced
  • Replacing the present rapidSVLog operating software with Valeport Connect, the new software from Valeport for use on iOS and Windows PC
  • Using Dual Bluetooth to increase stability of the Bluetooth communications.
Changes specific to the rapidSV Pro include:
  • Increasing the length of the SV sensor path length
  • Changing the externally mounted temperature sensor to an internally mounted fast response thermistor
Changes specific to the rapidSV Pro include:
  • To increase the drop rate and through water stability of the rapidCTD adding additional weight, in the form of a weighted bulkhead section
  • Option to add a single optical sensor (e.g. Chlorophyll) to the rapidCTD 
Valeport Connect
Valeport Connect Software
The latest software from Valeport for use on iOS and Windows will be showcased on the stand. 

Valeport Connect will support automatic connection with Valeport's Bluetooth enabled products. Valeport Connect offers download capability with data translation and, once downloaded, allows both current and historic data to be visualised. 
Multiple profiles can be compared in graph view, while graphs can be further shared via email or cloud services.
Leading UK marine instrument manufacturer
Respected worldwide with a reputation for providing affordable, high quality and reliable equipment from shallow water use to full ocean depth, Valeport will also feature on their stand a range of instrumentation for surveying, construction, diving and metrology requirements including:
  • Sound velocity probes/sensors
  • Tide gauges
  • Fluorometers
  • Wave recorders
  • Altimeters
  • Radar level sensors
  • Current meters
  • CTD, multi-parameter CTDs
For more information visit Valeport stand H301, Oceanology International (13-15 March) 
Valeport, St Peter's Quay, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5EW United Kingdom
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