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Valeport Launch New UV-SVP

Valeport launches the smallest and most accurate SVP. 

Valeport are pleased to announce the launch of a new addition to their ROV/AUV and hydrographic instruments. 

Valeport launch new UV-SVP

Production is now underway on Valeport’s latest innovation - the new UV-SVP - a small and compact direct reading package aimed primarily at AUV and ROV users, which delivers high accuracy data to compliment survey work.


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 Valeport’s UV-SVP (Underwater Vehicle – Sound Velocity Profiler) is based on the company’s miniSVS and offers a form factor designed for underwater vehicles where space is at a premium.  

Measuring sound velocity, temperature and pressure, the UV-SVP uses Valeport’s class leading time of flight sound speed sensor, a PRT temperature sensor and a 0.01% accuracy pressure transducer in a compact package weighing just 750g in air.  The lightweight titanium housing gives a depth rating to 3000m as standard.  A wide range (9-30v DC) isolated power supply and RS232 communications complete the package.

Valeport, the UK’s leading manufacturer of oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation, designed and manufactured the UV-SVP at their state of the art facilities based in the UK.  

Developed in response to a specific customer requirement, the UV-SVP has already been adopted by Bluefin Robotics for integration into the Bluefin 9 AUV.   With a reputation for supplying the world’s most accurate sound velocity sensors, Valeport believes there will be strong demand for their small, lightweight and accurate UV-SVP as the AUV market sector continues to grow rapidly.

Kevin Edwards, Valeport sales and marketing manager commented:
“The UV-SVP draws upon our existing technology and expertise.  Initial feedback we’ve received to the new gauge has been very positive.  Recent industry research indicates the AUV market is rapidly growing across all sectors and we believe this poses significant opportunities for space-efficient and accurate sensor instrumentation.”

With an established reputation for high quality, reliable and innovative instrumentation, the UV-SVP, - like all Valeport products - ,benefits from an industry-leading three-year warranty.  

Valeport also offers a unique 12-month warranty on all their serviced products as well as a dedicated calibration and service facility.

Valeport designs and manufactures instrumentation for the oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric communities with a worldwide customer base that includes: environmental, defence, oil and gas, renewable energy, construction, dredging and civil engineering sectors.

For more information, visit www.valeport.co.uk or contact Valeport's support team.


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