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Valeport showcase new solutions at Flood and Coast on stand A9, March 20-22


Valeport are attending Flood and Coast 2018 conferenceShowcasing the latest solutions to support hydrographic surveying

Valeport stand A9 @ Flood & Coast 2018

. new SWiFTplus – the combined power of SWiFT SVP and turbidity sensor

. new TideStation (Portable) – monitors tide, met and other sensors

. new EnviroLOG – an environmental hub for field logging


Valeport will present its latest solutions for the surveying market at this year’s Flood & Coast exhibition, Telford. The renowned leader in oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric instrumentation is showcasing both new and improved technologies to support surveys in ports, harbours, coastal defence and construction project applications.



SWiFTplusThe new unique probe, SWiFTplus, combines the power of the SWiFT SVP and a turbidity sensor. SWiFTplus uses Valeport’s world leading high accuracy sensor technology and incorporates turbidity observations with sound speed, temperature and pressure sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries.

Using the new Valeport Connect app, data can be quickly downloaded and reviewed wirelessly via Bluetooth, and instantly shared in industry standard formats through email and cloud services. In addition to the directly measured observations, Valeport’s proprietary DASH algorithm calculates conductivity, salinity and density.

Valeport’s new turbidity sensor addition is essentially two sensors in one. The first is a “classic” turbidity sensor (nephelometry using a 90˚ beam angle) for low turbidity levels (0–2000 NTU) and the second uses an OBS optical backscatter arrangement (~120˚ beam angle for optical backscatter) at high turbidity levels (>20,000 NTU). Intelligent sampling eliminates the need to gain switch at higher turbidity levels.

The handheld profiler has been designed from the outset with the intention of a seamless workflow and is intended for coastal, harbour and inland environmental and hydrographic survey use and offers the highest quality sound velocity profiles in a compact, robust and portable package with the addition of a turbidity sensor.


TideStation (Portable)

Portable TidestationA new portable survey solution for the monitoring of tide, met and other sensors will be showcased at Flood & Coast by Valeport. Housed in a large rugged ABS case, the TideStation (Portable) offers a choice of either UHF or GPRS telemetry, with connection to Pressure or Radar sensors along with interface to other meteorological systems. Data is recorded locally and broadcast to base stations as required.

TideStation is a self-contained tidal observation solution which optimises performance of instrumentation. Valeport specifically designed it as a low-cost turn-key solution, TideStation is suited to a broad range of sectors including port and harbour operations, surveying, dredging and many other applications.



Valeport will also be keen to take feedback from Flood & Coast visitors on their new concept, EnviroLOG, a field logging device that provides command and control of sensors, data display, data logging and battery power in a small robust package. Designed for Valeport’s Hyperion range of Fluorometer sensors: Chlorophyll a, Fluorescein, Rhodamine, Phycocyanin and Turbidity, the standalone environmental hub provides all that you require for survey operation and allows up to three devices to be interfaced to EnviroLOG.

Kevin Edwards, Valeport Head of Sales, commented: “Flood & Coast is a great platform to introduce our new products and showcase concept products prior to their general release. We’ll be actively seeking views, feedback and comments from the flood and coastal risk community so that we can hone the new releases and continue to innovate and lead the way in supporting the hydrographic and oceanographic survey sector.

Also featuring on the Valeport stand will be instrumentation for standard surveying, construction, diving and metrology requirements including the following:

  • tide gauges,
  • water level recorders,
  • tide/met stations,
  • current flow meters,
  • CTD’s,
  • fluorometers,
  • SVP’s,
  • bathy/altimeters,
  • depth sensors,
  • echo sounders and
  • wave recorders.


Contact: Valeport (stand A9) www.valeport.co.uk T. +44 (0)1803 869292 E. sales@valeport.co.uk

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