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Valeport Sponsor Electric Racing Car Team

Following on from our earlier article  about Valeport's sponsorship of an all-girl team of budding racing drivers and technicians from Plymouth High School for Girls, we can now report on how well they performed at the competition. 

Valeport Sponsor Team from Plymouth High School For Girls to Final of the IET Formula 24 Series

Here is an update from Rob van Es, the Director of STEM at PHSG.

For the 6th successive year a group of schoolgirls from Plymouth qualified to race against 75 other teams from across the UK in an electric powered speed and endurance challenge.

The team of 11-16 year olds designed and built their car, powered by two 12 Volt batteries and raced at speeds of over 30mph against other schools in this internationally recognised competition.

The races took place over two days at the Rockingham Speedway, Northamptonshire. In the first race, competitors surged ahead and the schools, car Hummingbird fell quickly to 33rd place, but Eloise (age 12) was not intimidated and gradually began overtaking and climbing the places. Following pit-stops and driver changes, the team continued to climb and were delighted to have risen to 13th place by the end of the 90 minute race.

In the second race the team started more strongly and through perseverance and tenacity stayed ahead of many of their competitors finishing just a mile behind the teams which were the top-10 in the country.

Valeport Sponsor Team from Plymouth High School For Girls to Final of the IET Formula 24 Series Mr Thackray, one of the teachers working with the team ‘What a stunning day of racing and an excellent showcase for our team’s collaborative and engineering skills’. Dr van Es, a colleague was delighted with the result, but hinted ‘This result was excellent, but has given us food for thought on further improvements and ways that we can get even more speed and distance from our limited electrical supply. We will be working towards a top-10 finish over the winter and are looking forward to the 2018 rematch. We are really grateful to our sponsors Valeport and Babcock who are inspirational role models for our young Engineers.’

Courtney (age 14) ‘The atmosphere was electric: all the teams were working under pressure to get the best possible performance’. Josie (age 12) ‘Driving the car on this huge track was AMAZING! I was selected as one of the drivers on the team because I am so small and that means the car is lighter so it goes faster.

The engineering and developmental work of the team was recognised by the awarding of the prestigious Portfolio Award – given to the team with the most impressive documentation of their work carried out between races and regional heat.

Any sponsorship enquiries for Team Hummingbird can be directed to: rvanes@phsg.org

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