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Valeport’s New Production Facility

Valeport's New Production Facility at Totnes in DevonOur new production facility named The Reade Building is now open and occupied. The new building has added a further 1,600m² to our facilities. This has more than doubled the size of our machine shop, and given us the assembly space required for increased production.

A second and much larger calibration facility for production only will not only aid throughput for new products, but allow the existing facility to cover service items only which will result in reduced service times. 

The space vacated in our main building is being used for stores expansion and other departmental changes. The short video linked here was created by Andy Thrussell who is one of our Service Engineers and has an interest in photography.


  You can view this video at our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/ValeportUK



You can view this video at our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/ValeportUK


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