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With a stable and dedicated team, we are able to invest in new technologies and training with the confidence the knowledge and skills will remain in house.

Valeport was first established in Dartmouth, Devon in 1969. In 2003 the company moved to its current location, a large premises on the banks of the River Dart in the historic town of Totnes, Devon.

We expanded the premises adding a new facility in 2013 to more than double the workspace to 28,000 sq. ft. and house our entire production facility.

In 2021 we expanded further moving the R&D, Administration, Sales and Marketing teams into a new adjacent building, Radcliffe house, which also houses a new conference suite for training, product demonstrations and events. Valeport now has nearly 45,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to our instrumentation design, manufacture, and service.

Here is a virtual tour of the facilities we have at Valeport:

Radcliffe House is where Valeport’s R&D, Sales & Marketing, HR and Finance departments are based.

This modern, riverside building also houses our:

  • Conference suite
  • Photography studio
  • 3D printer room

Next door to Radcliffe House is Valeport’s Sandquay building, home to our Calibration, Goods in, Service, and Maintenance departments. The Production department for Valeport Water is also based here. The Sandquay building has:

  • State of the art calibration labs and a tow tank room
  • The optics lab
  • The staff recreation room, including the gym

Adjacent to the Sandquay building is the Reade building where the Valeport Machine shop, Production, Stores, PCB test, Compliance and Purchasing departments are based.

It also holds:

  • A fully equipped CNC workshop
  • Two floors of ESD protected assembly workshop
  • A potting room
  • A new ‘clean room’ for optics testing.