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Understand our passion and what makes us work.

A day in the life of Valeport

What makes a day in the life of Valeport so interesting?

The story of SWiFT

From Belgium to Brazil, one of Valeport’s most successful profiling instruments is delivering results across the globe. But where did SWiFT start and how did it develop? Jay Nicholson, Head of Research and Development gives a glimpse behind-the-scenes at Valeport.

How Valeport has adapted to coronavirus to continue supporting our customers

Overnight the world changed.

Schools closed, events were cancelled and staying safe meant keeping our distance. Coronavirus has meant different challenges for different organisations. For Valeport, the goal has been to keep its people safe, while continuing to support its customers.

Sea mammal tags – improving understanding of our oceans

Seals, whales and turtles wearing specially designed tags are gathering vital data on sea mammal behaviour and information about our oceans, which is crucial to our understanding of climate change.

Servicing and repair: an antidote to our throw-away society

An instrument mangled beyond recognition by a ship’s propeller. A tool encrusted with mussels after months on the seabed. Forty-year-old equipment requiring repair. They sound like they are beyond repair, don’t they? But in each of these real-life examples Valeport’s servicing and repair team got the equipment up and running again, and operating like new.

Apprenticeships, undergraduate placements and lifelong learning at Valeport

Designing and manufacturing high quality instruments to measure data accurately and reliably in the world’s most challenging underwater environments requires a highly skilled workforce.

Valeport is a 100% family-owned business; there are no external investors and no shareholders outside Charles Quartley’s immediate family.

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