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Valeport Logo

The Valeport logo is a clean and clear mark that is designed to help people recognise us wherever we are - whether it's on buildings, on clothing, on marketing materials, on third-party websites or on our products.

It is compromised of a strong clean logotype and an impeller mark.

Because our logo's purpose is to create recognition it is vital that it is always used consistently.

Core Lockup

Our Core logo should always be readable, placed in plenty of space and sized correctly.


Always leave a sufficient amount of blank space around the logo.

Files can be supplied with the minimum amount of space around them, so do not cut into them.

Minimum size

The minimum usable size of the logo is 15mm wide, this is subject to the intended application.

Always ensure the logo remains legible.

Light on dark logo

The Light version of the logo can be used on dark backgrounds as required. Generally, the light version of the logo should only be used on our Marinara Blue.

Mono Valeport logo

The full-colour versions of the logo with the Impeller in Sandy Bay Blue are always preferred. When not an option, the single colour versions can be used.

Use white only on dark backgrounds. Where the background is too light to provide a sensible contrast, use the standard Valeport logo or dark blue option. Logos placed over an image should always be placed on a clear or simple background to maximise legibility and never over the product.

Valeport logo don'ts

Do not alter the proportions of the logo in any way.

Do not remove or edit any part of the logo.

Valeport Brand Guidelines

If you are interested in working in collaboration with Valeport and wish to have a copy of our brand assets together with a detailed guide on how to use them, please fill in the form below.

Brand Guidelines Request

  • Please detail how you intend to use Valeport brand assets.