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Make it Net Zero Journey

We are pleased to say Valeport has now gained certification through the “Make it Net Zero” programme. Through this programme we have been able to identify our business’s carbon footprint and pinpoint areas of focus to help reduce our emissions. Below is an action plan which highlights the next steps for Valeport in its “Make it Net Zero” journey.

Short Term objectives within the next 12 months

  • Renewable Energy Procurement – Procurement of a 100% renewable electricity tariff
  • Explore potential of biogas supply contract
  • Installation of energy efficient measures such as LED lighting or SMART thermostat at site
  • Begin data collection process of waste within the operation
  • Begin to collect data on water consumption
  • Begin to collect data on paper usage within the operation
  • Estimate staff commuting using size of vehicle and fuel type

Medium term objectives within the next 36 months

  • Once waste data has been collected, identify any waste going to landfill and look to switch to recycling
  • Once paper use is calculated, look at opportunities to reduce paper such as digitalising processes
  • Encourage employee engagement for green travel and zero carbon miles e.g. walk to workdays

Long term objectives by 2050 at latest

  • Use high quality and verified offsetting schemes or carbon removal technologies to eradicate residual emissions
  • Continue to engage with suppliers regarding scope 3 emissions to create a more sustainable supply chain


Valeport are making a series of changes around the business to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Most recently we have had solar panels installed on our Radcliffe building.

In the first month 1,119kwh of electricity was used in the building and the solar panels produced 4,004kwh. This means the solar panels are now completely powering the Radcliffe building whilst also creating an excess, allowing green energy back into the grid.