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Valeport’s philosophy

Valeport is a 100% family owned business; there are no external investors, and no shareholders outside Charles Quartley’s immediate family.

Valeport’s philosophy of keeping development and manufacturing entirely in-house guarantees we retain complete control over every aspect of our product range and lifetime service.

This is the essence of our unsurpassed global reputation.

For our valued customers, it means total assurance that we will, now and in future, deliver the levels of quality, performance and service they have come to expect.

We answer to nobody except our customers because Valeport is a 100% family-owned business with no external investors and no shareholders outside Charles Quartley’s immediate family.

Asking ourselves “What would I want if I were the customer?” is at the heart of everything we do.

Initiatives like these are the result:

  • 12-month service warranty on any Valeport product, no matter its age or history. Send it for a service every year, and the warranty never runs out.
  • Exclusive use of titanium as standard in virtually all subsea products to eliminate corrosion issues associated with lower cost metals.
  • Anti-static environment for all storage, assembly, test, calibration and R&D areas within the premises to virtually eliminate electronic faults.
  • Our own CNC machine shop for production of all mechanical components, ensuring total control over quality and supply.
  • Pressure testing of every product, both new and serviced, before dispatch to guarantee it will perform in the field.
  • Fast delivery of standard products by investment in stock levels to eliminate external factors such as “Just in Time” supply chains.