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Services and Calibrations

How To Book Your Service or Calibration

To book your instrument for service/calibration, please email [email protected] or telephone Emma Lakin, Service Administrator on +44(0)1803 869271.

You will be issued an RMA (Return to Manufacturer Authorisation) number which will be needed for the completion of the RMA document which can be downloaded below.

If you are returning goods from outside the EU, please also note the Return of Goods instructions document which provides important and useful information to speed customs clearance into the UK / EU.

Click on a link below to download documents:

Valeport Service Request form      Return of Goods form

Take advantage of Valeport’s perpetual Service Warranty when you get any Valeport instrument serviced and calibrated.  This unique warranty is automatically granted and part of our ongoing investment into our Service Department.  For full details of the policy document, please download: Service Warranty Policy Document

Valeport’s Service & Calibration Department has a team of dedicated technicians that can service, repair, test and calibrate any Valeport product.

Sensor Calibration

Our facilities allow calibration of the following sensors, all to UKAS traceable standards:

  • Conductivity / Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Sound Velocity
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Fluxgate Compass

High Levels Of Accuracy

We have invested heavily in calibration equipment to enable us to calibrate your instrument to extremely high levels of accuracy:

  • Temperature controlled laboratory
  • 7 x Temperature baths, stable to <1mK/minute
  • 3 x 700 litre Salinity baths, UV filtered, and stable to <2mK/minute and <0.05psu / day
  • Guildline Autosal, ±0.002psu
  • Isotech microK 400 temperature bridge, accurate to ±0.4mK (±0.0004°C)
  • Laboratory Temperature Standards:
    • Triple Point of Water (TPW) cell, ±100µK (±0.0001°C)
    • Gallium Melting Point (MPG) cell, ±1mK (±0.001°C)
  • 2 x Budenburg Class A deadweight pressure testers, ±0.01%
  • Water purification system, <1ppm total dissolved solids, for Sound Velocity calibration
  • Tri axis magnetic field compass calibration rig, ±0.25°
  • Automated tow tank, up to 1m/s

Calibration Procedures And Facilities

In addition, our standard procedures and facilities ensure that your instrument is calibrated and serviced to the highest level of detail:

  • All storage, assembly, service and calibration areas are protected against static electricity, minimising risk of pcb damage by handling and storage
  • All pcbs are subjected to temperature testing in our dedicated environmental chamber to highlight any weakness
  • Pressure test vessels up to 100Bar allow all new and serviced instruments to be pressure tested before despatch
  • All calibration equipment is itself recalibrated regularly by the manufacturer as appropriate, but in addition, we carry out frequent checks of all key equipment against secondary standards, ensuring that calibration accuracy can be guaranteed.

Returned Equipment Service Process

All equipment returned to us is subject to a service procedure that will:

  • Update any firmware / software to latest version
  • Check all bores and seals for damage and debris
  • Check memory and primary batteries
  • Calibration (if requested)
  • Full System check
  • Pressure test to confirm instrument integrity