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Valeport rapidSV Profiler Telemetry Delivers A No Compromise Solution

A new automated sound velocity profiling system for moving vessels has been delevoped by Teledyne Oceanscience using Valeport's RapidSV Profiler and the results are proving to be a significant improvement on previous versions.

Valeport rapidSV Profiler used in Teledyne Oceanscience rapidCAST ProfilerAs reported in Hydro-International recently (see full article), the rapidCAST System has the ability to collect and transmit survey data, without having to recover the probe on board at the end of each cast, making any profiling exercise far more efficient. It also improves the targeting accuracy of probes as the need for conducting cable is removed.

As stated in the article:

"Using an active line payout system with precise line tension control, the effects of vessel speed and heave are eliminated to allow the freefall SV probe to maintain extremely consistent drop behaviour between casts.

This innovative freefall profiling method allows the operator to precisely target the desired cast depth and be sure that the profile will be collected safely. By avoiding the need for a large conducting cable to transmit the probe depth back to the winch controller, the rapidCAST is able to offer profiling depth capability with a small spool and deployment system." 

The choice of the Valeport rapidSV profiler appears to be a significant inclusion as the article goes on to state:

"The rapidCAST uses the latest Valeport rapidSV profiler with Bluetooth wireless telemetry to automatically upload each SV profile to the survey PC on the completion of each cast, without the need for the probe to be recovered onboard. As the probe nears the ship, the Bluetooth antenna is activated and the data uploaded with the probe immediately ready for the next cast."

The Canadian Hydrographic Service survey ship, the CCGS Frederick G. Creed" was the first to install this new system and is surveying off the east coast of Canada in the Gulf of St-Lawrence. Further developments to the rapidCAST system are due later in 2015 with the addition of a CTD Profiler option.

For more information about the rapidSVSound Velocity Profilers, Underwater Telemetry and the wider range of Oceanographic and Hydrographic Survey Instruments available from Valeport visit their website at www.valeport.co.uk.

Get in touch with one of the Valeport product team via email:sales@valeport.co.uk

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