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Seagrass Awareness Month

Posted 23 February 2023  |  News

March is Seagrass Awareness Month - World Seagrass Day is celebrated on 1st March.

Valeport has supported seagrass restoration and conservation for a number of years.

Alongside our current sponsorship of ReMEDIES, England’s largest seagrass restoration, education and innovation project, we have also recently collaborated on a new, non-invasive method to monitor seagrass biomass on the seabed with partners HydroSurv, Natural England and the University of Plymouth. Read more about this innovative new method to measure and monitor seagrass here.

Since 2020 we’ve had an association with seagrass campaigns and we are proud to now sponsor the important, ReMEDIES project. The LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES partnership to ‘Save Our Seabed’ is a marine conservation project led by Natural England. It focuses on five Special Areas of Conservation along England’s south coast. The ReMEDIES project seeks to protect and restore sensitive seabed habitats and aims to plant eight hectares of seagrass meadows.

In addition to installing and monitoring Advanced Mooring Systems, the ReMEDIES project has already achieved significant milestones since it launched in July 2019:


seeds planted in 2022


school students engaged with through educational activites


hectares of seabed planted

Throughout 2023 the ReMEDIES project will continue its work researching, monitoring and trialling restoration and conservation activities. Amongst these activities will be: the first seagrass planting dives of the year in Plymouth and the Solent in March; in the spring a new technique of planting seagrass called ‘hydro seeding’ is anticipated to be trialled and the summer months will bring seagrass monitoring dives in May and July. We look forward to updates from ReMEDIES on their activities throughout 2023 and sharing these with you.

The ReMEDIES project is in partnership with Marine Conservation Society, Ocean Conservation Trust, Plymouth City Council/Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum and Royal Yaching Association/The Green Blue.