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Oceanology International 2016 Exhibition Update

Valeport's new Hyperion-T Sensor and fastCTD Profiler are highlighted at the OI 2016 Exhibition.

OI 2016 Exhibition UpdateThe Valeport Team would like to thank everyone who visited their stand at Oceanology International 2016 and helped make the exhibition such a success!

The spotlight at the show was placed upon two of Valeport's new products, the Hyperion-T Sensor and the fastCTD Profiler. 

Hyperion-T: Created for Inshore, Coastal and Oceanographic Monitoring, the Hyperion-T sensor determines the suspended solids and turbidity for applications ranging from water quality to sediment transport and dredge monitoring. The new Hyperion-T is a compact, low-power probe, which is accurate and rugged. Housed in titanium, Valeport’s Hyperion-T is one of the few turbidity sensors to offer full ocean depth from one instrument.  

rapidCTD: This is Valeport’s latest addition to its portfolio of profiling technology. It was developed primarily to interface with the Teledyne Oceanscience RapidCAST winch. This new CTD was shown at OI for the first time ahead of a planned general release in April. The rapidCTD allows oceanographic data to be profiled from a moving vessel without compromising the quality of the data. Delivering the highest quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates, when used with deployment methods such as the RapidCAST the lightweight and robust sensor gives surveyors the ability to eliminate survey downtime and minimize bathymetry data uncertainty associated with challenging sound velocity conditions.  

Valeport is continually evolving products and is currently working on an integral Fluorometer function for the rapidCTD and an improved power capability for a longer operation time.  

Also featured on the Valeport stand were instruments and equipment for ocean surveying, construction, diving and metrology requirements including the following:


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