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ROV AUV Instruments for 2014 from Valeport

As part of Valeport's continuing drive to meet the demands of small Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROV's) in the offshore oil & gas industry, Valeport have a range of sensors and probes that measure the physical parameters vital to the safe operation of these Industry critical vehicles.

The range of products cover Sensors to aid in the operation of the vehicle to probes for data input into metrology and construction operations and Valeport's “industry standard” packages are designed and built to perform to the highest levels demanded.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV's) requirements can involve the provision of fully housed instruments or OEM style for a users own interface. The small, low power, accurate and robust Valeport sensors will aid AUV manufacturers and users obtain the data they require.

Valeport's New ROV & AUV Products for Q2 Q3 2014 The UV-SVP

Available Q2 2014


Valeport's New Hyperion-C Product for Q2 2014Based on the Valeport miniSVS, the UV-SVP offers a form-factor designed for Underwater Vehicles where space is at a premium. Incorporating Valeport’s class leading time of flight sound speed sensor, a PRT temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor in a compact package weighing just 750 grams (in air), the lightweight titanium housing gives a depth rating of 3000m. A wide range (9-30V DC) isolated power supply and RS232 communications complete the package.

Available Q3 2014


A new direction for Valeport, the Hyperion-C delivers a High Performance Chlorophyll A Fluorometer in a compact & robust package ideal for ROV and AUV use.

Offered as standard in a 6000m depth rated, titanium housing the Hyperion-C has a wide range (9-30V DC) isolated power supply and RS232 communications. 


Valeport's New UltraSV Product for Q3 2014Available Q3 2014


Ultra-fast, ultra-compact, ultra-dependable.

The next generation of Underwater Sound Velocity Sensor.

Redesigned from the connector up, the Valeport UltraSV offers a truly smart and exchangeable sound velocity sensor without compromise.

For more information on Oceanographic and Hydrometric Instruments and how Valeport are delivering new technology for 2014 please visit the Valeport Website.

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