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Hydrographic Survey Applications Product Range

Posted 15 August 2014  |  Product news

Key to any Hydrographic Survey is Tidal Data and Valeport offer tide gauge options for both shore-based and offshore / seabed applications together with telemetry packages for secure data transfer.

Product Focus for Hydrographic Survey Applications

Echo sounders, both single and multi-beam need sound velocity data to correctly produce depth measurements.  Valeport offers the largest range in sound velocity sensors and profilers that have world-beating accuracy.

If simple, small boat echo sounding is required with single or dual frequency transducers and interface of external parameters with GPS reference then we have just what you need in our portable Midas Surveyor single beam echo sounder.

MiniSVP Sound Velocity Profiler

The miniSVP is a new budget Sound Velocity Profiler, designed to make the best SV measurements in the world available to everyone. Featuring Valeport's unique acclaimed "time of flight" SV sensor, the miniSVP is available in either 500m rated acetal or 6000m rated titanium versions. A single C cell and large Flash memory allow hundreds of profiles to be recorded, and the pre-programmed profiling patterns allow it to be set up and deployed quickly and easily.

miniSVP – Sound Velocity Profiler

TideMaster Portable Tide Gauge

The TideMaster is a small, cost-effective Water Level Recorder, specifically designed for applications where the user requires an accurate record of water height, but with the added option of meteorological data via an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor. Suitable for use in fresh or saltwater, the TideMaster can be deployed for up to 1 year, dependant on the sampling rate, with the instrument set up and data retrieval via an optional display panel or using the PC software supplied. Alternatively, the system can be supplied with radio modules for real-time data transmission.

TideMaster Portable Tide Gauge


Based on the Valeport miniSVS, the UV-SVP offers a form-factor designed for Underwater Vehicles where space is at a premium. Incorporating Valeport’s class-leading time of flight sound speed sensor, a PRT temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor in a compact package weighing just 750 grams (in air), the lightweight titanium housing gives a depth rating of 3000m. A wide range (9-30V DC) isolated power supply and RS232 communications complete the package.


VRS-20 Radar Level Sensor

The VRS-20 is a pulsed k-band radar level sensor developed by Valeport to work seamlessly with the TideMaster tide logger, operate standalone with optional integrated GPRS telemetry or interface to a third party data logger.

Versatile and simple to install, the VRS-20 addresses a number of the issues traditionally associated with water level measurement. Non-contact technology removes the installation, corrosion & fouling issues of submerged sensors while simplifying datum control.   Accuracy and performance are unaffected by changes in water density and atmospheric conditions.

VRS-20 Radar Level Sensor


Ultra-fast, ultra-compact, ultra-dependable.

The next generation of sound velocity sensor. Redesigned from the connector up, the UltraSV offers a truly smart and exchangeable sound velocity sensor without compromise.

ultraSV OEM Sound Velocity Sensor