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New ‘deep’ CTD profiler unveiled for the first time

Posted 21 February 2023  |  Exhibitions

Subsea Expo is the launch venue for Valeport’s new SWiFT Deep CTD, which will be shown for the first time ahead of its launch in Q1 2023.

  • new SWiFT Deep CTDthe latest in the range of SWiFT profilers providing CTD measurements to depths of 6000m is shown for the first time at Subsea
  • new Bathy2an enhanced, robust integrated instrument to provide reliable and accurate density corrected depth data up to 6000m
  • miniIPS2 and uvSVXwith unique interchangeable pressure heads, these next-gen sensors benefit users who work at different depths
  • SWiFT CTD and SWiFT CTDplusdesigned for a seamless workflow, these user-friendly profilers deliver improved accuracy and versatility to those requiring CTD measurements

The new SWiFT Deep CTD provides survey-grade sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth® wireless technology, rechargeable battery and an integral GNSS module to geo-locate each profile. Using Valeport’s world-leading high accuracy sensor technology to combine sensors for multiple profiles in a single drop the SWiFT Deep CTD can operate to 6000 m, delivering directly measured conductivity, temperature and depth.  In addition, the SWiFT Deep CTD will provide computed salinity, density and sound velocity, calculated using the UNESCO international standard algorithm and Chen and Millero equation.

All the above Valeport sensors and probes have been devised with ease of use at their core, where a much-improved user experience is now available alongside the highest quality, precise data.  These instruments are designed to easily interface with third party systems.

Contact: Valeport – stand 8  [email protected]